Computer Science


Experience in: Scala, Java, Git, C, C++, Arduino, Basic Ciruitry, HTML, and CSS

Familiar with: Swift, Android, Python, JavaScript (ReactJS), MatLab, x86 Assembly, C#, Unity 3D, and Processing

Intern (Software Development) at Spiceworks, Inc.

Built and deployed a service in Scala that provided real-time data for ad targeting using Redis caching and DataDog monitoring. Designed and performed load testing on that service. Created an AWS lambda in Scala that scrubbed data stored in S3 and created a giter8 template for AWS lambdas. Wrote build definitions using sbt.

Intern at Epic Software Group, Inc.

Read about my experience here.

Project: PintOS

I built an operating system (primarily in C) in conjunction with my operating systems course. The project emphasized threads, managing user programs, virtual memory, and filesystems.